Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Moral" Issues

It's raining and thunderstorming hard today, during the rainy day, I was watching an "Inconvenient Truth." It's really compelling, and while I'm already a believer in global climate change...but it seems as if the problem is bigger. I watch this, while knowing that certain politicians and friends don't actually think this is a real problem. Or worse yet, some people think this is a complete hoax.

How can this be? How does data lie like that? How many theories do we know are nearly 100% supported by the experts? Wow...and I hate the fact certain politicians are attacking Al Gore...when that's not relevant. The "who" conveying the message is not important here as the message itself: we are destroying our world. Another thing I think of are the Christian evangelical leaders...or some of them who think the focus on global climate change is "taking away" from the moral issues of our day. What? How is saving the planet not a moral issue? Didn't God create the world? God said "fill the earth and 'subdue' it." He didn't say DESTROY it. Worse yet...homosexuality, abstinence, abortion--all those are worthy issues. But are any of them worth fighting if we have 1-200 million refugees?

This leads me to my primary thought..."relevance." We wonder why people in American aren't turning to God in massive numbers. I always wonder why my friends fall in love with my Lord in large numbers. It's not because God is becoming irrelevant, but rather we are becoming irrelevant. Our message is not focused on God, nor on God's message. Sure, God talks a little about homosexuality and sex...but God talks about poverty a whole lot more. There are issues important today, poverty and the environment, that God talks a whole lot about, yet we don't talk about it! Why? Why?

Why is it that Christians focus on issues that divisive? Fine, I guess that’s OK, considering the gospel is often divisive. But guess what, we should only be divisive when it comes to claiming that Jesus is God and Savior. Not when it comes to abortion or gay marriage. Why can’t we present a message of the gospel that says, “God cares about you, the earth, poor people, rich people, all people...” I guess, what I’m trying to say is that God cares about the environment and we should to. And lets not pillory Al Gore, the messenger, just because we don’t like him. We are destroying Earth. Let’s stop.

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