Wednesday, March 14, 2007

God and the Gridiron Gang

I just finished watching the movie Gridiron Gang. Yes, I know it's a cheesy flick with my favorite wrestler--but the movie got me to thinking: who are these kids that are forgotten by our society? Who are these kids that slip through the cracks? Why is it that there is such a recivitism rate for our adolescent offenders? For a lot of these gang kids, jail is a place where they cycle through--only to end up back on the streets. Why? Is there a place for them? Where are the people that are to help them? Why is it that nobody helps these kids, and only every now and then does someone come along to help them? An entire generation seems to be lost.

Ultimately, my question is--where is JESUS in all of this? How does a loving God create/allow for a society which forgets its children? Where are the churches/body of Christ which is in place to prevent this from happening? I guess, it's not that God's missing--it's that His people are too busy waging moral wars in Washington.

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