Friday, August 24, 2007


This election campaign coming up is confusing the heck out of me. I think people agree on many goals: everyone should have good health care, good education, and America needs to be protected from terrorism. And, I confess--I'm a Republican. Why? Before I talk about that--let me write a little bit on my views.

Couple of things...

1. I'm fiscally conservative on most issues--except really education. I think everyone should have health care--but not a government run universal health care system. Perhaps the government can offer the health care plan they offer to government employees on a sliding scale premium scale to folks who cannot otherwise afford private health care plans? Other things where I'm Republican. I believe poverty is one of the biggest problems in America--but government welfare is hardly the solution. Private entities are far better at giving out aid than the government.

2. Socially, I'm fairly moderate to liberal. I'm pro-life, but against government legislation of marriage, drugs, prostitution, etc. Government: stay out of my private life! But, on some other things...such as affirmative action, I fall squarely in the left.

3. Immigration: Wow, this one is complicated too. As an immigrant, I hardly think its fair that America closes its doors. We are founded as a nation of immigrants, who came with the promise of freedom and opportunity to all people. Yet, in this day and age of terrorism we can't have an open sieve for a border. Let's secure our borders, but let's also have a open guest-worker program that places all guest workers on the road to citizenship as quickly as possible. And for those who are undocumented there--why are people so against them? Can we just bring them out into the open--let's give them a guest worker pass, and move on!

4. Iraq: We made the right decision to go in. I stand by that--not because Iraq had WMD (to me that was irrelevant). It was the right thing for two reasons. First, Iraq was run by a ruthless dictator who had committed a myriad of human rights violations. Now, one might ask--why don't we go into North Korea? Well, can we actually do anything about NK? Probably not--at least not at the cost assumed at that time. Iraq, had it been fought properly, could have been stabilized quickly and we might have a democratic and peaceful Iraq today. Thus, it was our responsibility to do something--and we could have done something about Iraq. We probably could not have done anything about NK. Second, we have a strong national interest in ensuring a peaceful Middle East. I think we are kidding ourselves if oil isn't critical to our lives. A stable middle east is critical. Now, I think we all agree that Iraq has been fought miserably. And now, at this point, is Iraq winnable? Maybe--but I think most people would agree we need to figure something out.

So--with that being said, I consider myself a Republican. Why? I think it's my heart that goes that way. Generally, small government is the way to go. Big, bloating government is hardly a good thing. It's the fundamental Republican philosophy in the power of the individual to succeed.

Yet, I can't figure out which candidate I'm suporting.

Current Rankings

1. Hillary Clinton
2. Fred Thompson
3. Mike Huckabee
4. John Edwards

I have serious, serious concerns with each candidate:

I'm a fiscally fairly conservative, but a social moderate. Hillary fits that mold, to a certain extent I think she's a power-hungry you-know-what.

Fred...well, I just like him--but I can't figure out what he believes in.

Huckabee...he's a good guy. Fiscal conservative, but socially too strict for me.

John Edwards: I love his progressive views on combating poverty. I don't necessarily like how he approaches it, but at least he's willing...

Saturday, August 4, 2007

'que Info

To all who are coming,
the location of the 'Que has changed again. It will be at Kate Bruce's house in Orono.

If you didn't get a text with the address, please call 319-621-2759


Friday, August 3, 2007

Readership up?

So, apparently, viewership will increase today. :-) Cheers. I'm really excited to do some Southern 'Que for the summer associates! It's my chance to bring a little down-home good cookin up north!