Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Recently, I've been thinking how as kids, we dream of big things. Even as college students, we dream, hope, pray for the world. We want to see the world change, during those years, we have the fire of the Holy Spirit burning within us, to take the gospel to all the ends of the earth. We are bold in talking to friends. Christ is relevant in our lives as soldiers for the Lord. Yet, now, as adults, sometimes we've forgotten that. Here's a poem--actually, lyrics from a song I wrote...

Copyright 2007, by Kenn Fukuda

Oh, and why do we dream such small things?
Through our dreams our world can change.
Love, joy, and hope would reign supreme,
And our world would be a better place.

Our dreams are often but petty aims.
We are content with homes and a paycheck.
We are sated with simple fame.
And our big dreams are left as a wreck.

So let’s bring back our childish yearnings,
Turn them back into our wishing north stars.
The power of our dreams gives us wings.
And let’s fly, guided by our dream star.

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