Sunday, March 18, 2007


I always look at specific Christian warriors that I know and strive to be like them. Yes, I know, I've been told (usually by the people I respect and try to be like) that I should strive to be like Christ and not them, for they are so woefully sinful. Now, I'm pretty darned sure they sin--but I see them as so far ahead me on the sanctification journey that I think--if I'm like them, I'll be closer to God than I am now. So, today I heard the story of the single most humble woman I know. I've only met her one time, but today at church we spoke about her during her prayer requests. She is a doctor from Africa, and in Iowa for additional academic work. 

However, this was a woman who was so 
humble that she was willing to clean people's 
houses to pay the bills.  She was willing 
to hike 30 blocks in a blizzard to get to work. 
She became a Christian in a 
culture where turning to Christ 
is cause for being disowned by 
her family. 
And all she wants to say is 
"Give God Glory." Indeed--this woman is a true faithwalker, 
and she is one I strive to be more like. 

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